Student Services

Take a look at the different programs we have available to students!
KCC CDC’s After School Program primary goal is to provide a positive atmosphere that’s conducive to learning for children in grades PreK-8th grade. We provide resources and support needed to aid all children in learning, growing and thriving in their individual school settings. Each child is encouraged to learn new skills, develop positive relationships with their peers, and explore the different gifts and talents they possess in various subjects.
We know that learning doesn’t end when the school bell rings. The way your children spends time before and after school can make a big difference in their personal development and your family-life balance. At KCC CDC, children will engage in a variety of exciting physical and imaginative activities that encourage them to explore who they are and what they can achieve.
C.A.M.P Koinonia’s summer camp is a quality enriched program, located in a safe Christian setting, offering scheduled academic and special activities. It is designed for children enrolled in Pre K- 5th grade as a supplement to in class learning and plays a key role in engaging youth in the learning process by:
· Providing opportunities to explore interest,
· Gain competency in real work skills,
· Solving problems,
· Assume leadership roles,
· Develop a group identity with similar aged peers,
· Connect to adult role models and mentors, and
· Become involved in improving their communities.
In addition to keeping youth safe while families are working, this program helps school age children build emotional, social, and academic skill, and can include extra learning activities, homework assignments, strengthen their knowledge of the love of Christ as they have daily devotion, and structured culture and field trip activities.
Koinonia Youth Leadership Camp is for all rising 6th – 8th graders. Over the course of 7 weeks this program will focus on academics, team building, and leadership development. These campers will experience first hand interactions with peers and staff to increase independent thinking and decision making which is critical for confident future leaders. We believe our youth are future Pastors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Politicians etc.… and we want to adequately prepare them for the world they will be exposed to.
Our campers will participate in activities that include, but not limited to public speaking, community service, brainstorming sessions to develop creative solutions to common challenges/dilemmas in society. This program will also offer multiple small field trips with community partners that will expose our campers to real-life experiences beyond the confinement of the classroom. Our goal is to empower our youth to rise to their full potential and excel beyond their current expectations.
Max Factor is a program created by Bishop Rosie S. O’neal in honor of the excellent example of manhood and leadership provided by her grandfather, Dr. Maxwell McIllwain. Following his dynamic life examples, this program mentors African-American boys instilling them with wisdom and character that will lead them down victorious paths in their teenage years. Max Factor is proud to partner with CM Eppes Middle School to provide this program. 
The Youth Education Conference is a crucially supportive intervention for high school  and middle school students and their parents/caregivers to ensure that they are making informed choices as it relates to successfully navigating the Pitt County Sschool Career Development Plan, which will have a direct impact on the success of their future. That success depends heavily on the track chosen; wanting to ensure the best outcome for each individual The Youth Education Conference provides attendees with direct interaction with school administrators, teachers, field experts. Further, attendees have the opportunity to interact with college representatives and gain hands-on job interviewing skills through mock interviews and interaction with area employers.
This past summer KCC CDC held our very first Summer Reading Program at Bethel Elementary School for rising 6th – 8th grade students. The purpose of the program was to assist students in either maintaining or increasing their reading level in preparation for the 2016-2017 academic year.
The students focused on one book, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. All of the students engaged in group discussions and completed comprehension assignments. For each reading and comprehension assignment completed and for participation in group discussions the students earned points that allowed them to acquire prizes which included recreational toys, school supplies, candy, earbuds, etc. The students also participated in 30 minutes of physical activity and enjoyed healthy snacks.
Success: During the program we saw a significant improvement in the students reading level and participation in group discussions. Throughout the program the students remained in engaged and eager for each new session.
The 2016 Summer Reading Program was made possible through funding by Koinonia Christian Center Church, the Greenville Noon Rotary and partnerships with Bethel Elementary School Principal, Mr. Jeremiah Miller and his staff, as well as our two program teachers, Mrs. Elaina Wingfield and Mr. RaShard Curmon!

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