Max Factor

The Max Factor Institute

What is the Max Factor?

The Max Factor Leadership Institute is a program created by Bishop Rosie S. O’neal, Senior Pastor of Koinonia Christian Center Church. Bishop O’neal designed this program in honor of the excellent example of manhood and leadership provided by her grandfather, Dr. Maxwell McIllwain. Gleaning from the dynamic life principles taught by Dr. McIllwain, this program strives to uphold his legacy by instilling young boys with wisdom and character that will lead them into victorious paths in their teenage years and manhood. In Max Factor, participants will acquire the qualities and values needed to be a mature, responsible, and successful young men.  Just as a bar mitzvah is a “coming of age” ceremony for Jewish youth signifying a crossover into “manhood”, Max Factor is a rites of passage program that teaches young boys how to transition into becoming young men of excellence and leaders in their generation. This program will teach core values and equip its students with practical knowledge needed to live lifestyles of victory, wisdom, and success. This program is all about building young men by partnering with families and schools to ensure student success. From the skills developed, principles learned, and knowledge acquired, participants will be empowered to make sound decisions throughout their lives.

What Will Participants Encounter?

In Max Factor, boys will participate in sessions and activities that are designed to position them towards making exemplary life choices and standing out positively among their peers. This program is designed to mentor participants throughout their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years. During their middle school journey with Max Factor, impacting lessons will be taught through program sessions and activities.  Subject matter will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Academic Success and Study Skills
  • Leadership
  • True Colors
  • Trust, Stress, & Coping
  • Getting Along With Others
  • Brotherhood
  • Public Speaking
  • The Distinguished Gentleman (Manly Matters)
  • Image & Self Respect
  • Grooming & Personal Care
  • Black History
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Thinking Beyond The Moment
  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting & Personal Success

How To Become a Participant?

The Max Factor Leadership Institute is pleased to partner with CM Eppes Middle School to provide this program. We are able to accept a limited amount of participants each year. Students are selected to be interviewed for the program based off of teacher recommendations. In order to be eligible to be a part of this program, boys will need to:

  • Be a current student at CM Eppes Middle School
  • Participate in the program from 6th – 8th grade
  • Maintain required academic standards and conduct

Why Be A Part of Max Factor?

Think of this. It is possible for a child to stand alone and excel in life, but how much stronger could that child be if they had support surrounding them during their formative years. What if a united team came together to help them see greatness within? This is aim of our program. We desire to be a part of the team and village to positively impact the lives of our students. We do not see students as “their kids,” but this is our community so these students are “our kids” too. By partnering with parents and schools, we will become a part of a student’s team aiming them towards success.

It is clear to see the challenges facing youth today. It is even more apparent that young men, especially young men of color, have many barriers to cross in their lives. It is time for the joint efforts of parents, schools, and the community to preserve, cover, and strengthen our youth. Together we can help them avoid falling into traps that will derail their lives. It is all about partnership. With all of us working together to push, direct, and lead our students they will have the backing they need to stand strong. Just think of the significant ground our students gain in life by having such a dynamic team surrounding them.

What is our Max Factor Confession?

I am great!

I am an excellent student and I have a brilliant mind.

I am great!

I choose to have confidence and approach my work without fear.

I am great!

I am a leader so I make wise decisions & I do not follow the wrong crowd.

I am great!

I have been created with great purpose so I do my best, I work hard, and give my best efforts in everything.

I am great!

I do not give up, fall back, or shy away when things are tough.

I am great!

I am a winner so I press with all I have because I know that I have what it takes to win in life.

I am a great!

Max Factor program participants.

A video reflection of our 2019 graduates highlighting their years in the program.

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