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NC Science Olympiad
North Carolina Science Olympiad

Our 4th and 5th Grade students will be participating in the North Carolina Science Olympiad on March 14, 2020!

Last year, our 4th – 5th grade students had the opportunity to compete in the NC Science Olympiad. They were the first and only after school program to participate in the competition and they had a ball! Our students participated in all of the science events including study events, building events, and lab work events.
This year our students are excited and preparing to compete in the NC Science Olympiad again.
We are asking for you to please consider becoming a sponsor or a donor for our Science Warriors by helping to cover the cost of lab and experiment materials for this year’s Science Olympiad team. The cost includes supplies, materials, and uniforms. Please consider considering donating either through one of the following sponsorship levels or through our donation campaign:
Inspirational $500 Donation includes acknowledgement on our website and social media pages, logo placement on our t-shirt, and a thank you note.
Discovery $225 Donation includes acknowledgement on our social media pages, logo placement on our t-shirt, and a thank you note.
Exploration $100 Donation includes a logo placement on our t-shirt, and a thank you note.
Please click the following link to connect to our donation page:
Your donation will not only help us cover the cost but will also make our children smile as they realize that others believe in them as much as we do! Your donation will be appreciated, no matter the amount.  Thank you for believing in and supporting our students!


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